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Tinjauan Éndah ngeunaan Pameran Industri Internasional Cina ka-23—Baohe Booth

Waktos: 2023-09-26 Hit: 22

The 23rd China International Industry Fair ended successfully at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) on September 23.This year's industry fair lasts for 5 days, with a total of 9 major professional exhibition areas, from 30 countries and regions around the world, nearly a thousand new technologies and new products debuted for the first time.


At this industry fair, Baohe launched a new product of intelligent tool management: intelligent gravity induction collar recycling cabinet, intelligent charging management cabinet, 1+4 RFID intelligent tool management cabinet and other tool management products.


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Baohe conforms to the trend of the era of intelligence and unmanned, and has developed a series of intelligent management products. Relying on advanced and effective intelligent technology intervention, it implements efficient and accurate management of tool products, realizes loan and repayment traceability, and intelligent inventory, so as to solve the pain points of high work repeatability and high inventory inventory pressure of managers in the industry, which has won everyone's unanimous appreciation.

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Embedded RFID tag


Gravity sensing technology



On September 20th, under the leadership of Mr. Wu Jinhu, General Manager of Baohe, invited customers visited the production and assembly base of Baohe Exhibition Center in Changzhou.


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The base has a complete intelligent product display and Baohe product logistics center: the first floor is divided into: RFID testing and intelligent channel testing, intelligent product installation and commissioning area, EVA engraving production area; the third floor is divided into: tool storage and shipping, intelligent inventory, intelligent product display and demonstration area, intelligent software research and development area.


Among them, customers can more intuitively understand the important supervisory role of the intelligent tool management system in the entire warehouse management by visiting the intelligent tool center.Realize true intelligent material control and effectively improve work efficiency.

Baohe is equipped with a dedicated service team for every respected customer, and professional intelligent product managers and sales engineers are always waiting for your needs.

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